Why double glaze?
Warmer in winter, cooler in summer - drier and quieter all year round.

The most widely-known benefit of double glazing is better insulation, so when most people seek to double glaze their windows, they’re seeking greater in-home comfort for the colder months of the year. What many don’t know is just how much customisation double glazing can offer.

Through years of experience, Eversure has developed different double glazing solutions which target specific benefits. Since double glazing can be configured with any two types of glass, we’re able to create personalised solutions that deliver the most benefit to your home’s unique needs.

We work with you to find out your optimum double glazing solution, and upgrade the home you love - so you can fall in love with it all over again.

Climate Control

In winter, close to 50% of heat loss can occur through single-glazed windows and doors. In summer the same single glazed surfaces can let in too much heat and make your house stuffy.

Our SureTemp© range is designed to shelter you from the outdoor temperatures for your optimal, year-round comfort. Whatever your challenge, you can take control of your comfort with a SureTemp© product.
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Damage Control

Your home is one of your most prized possessions, and it’s important to protect it from the wilder weather that our beautifully rugged country can throw at us.

The EverCare© range has been designed to reduce damage to your home by the elements. It gives you control and the peace of mind that your investment is protected for years to come.
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Intrusion Control

There are numerous ways that intrusion by the outside world can degrade your enjoyment of your home.  

Eversure is here to help with our Safe+Sound© range, allowing you to increase your security, and control your exposure to acoustic, visual or physical intrusion into your home.
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Finishing Touches

Attention to detail matters, so it is important to us that we enable a fulfilling double glazing experience for our customers well beyond the glass.
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How does it work?

Standard glazing consists of a single pane of glass in a window frame, offering only a single layer of elemental protection between the interior and exterior of your house. Double glazing adds an additional pane of glass that creates a buffer zone between the two panes in the frame - more effectively insulating the interior of your home against the elements. Warmer in winter, cooler in summer - drier and quieter all year round.


Got a question? Here are a few we commonly get asked.

What is double glazing?

Double glazing is a method for glass to be used in external windows and doors without the high heat transfer that happens through a single pane of glass.

Using double glazing, you can benefit from the light, view and radiant warmth that windows provide for your home, without the problems caused by single glass panes when the weather is cold. In its most basic form, double glazing simply creates a transparent cushion of air between the panes of glass. This forms an insulating layer which slows the conduction of heat through the glass.

However, there is a problem if double glazing is created by simply placing a second pane of glass or plastic close to an existing window pane (often called Secondary Glazing). In this situation, the air between the panes holds moisture which often results in condensation forming in the space between the two panes.

For most modern double glazing installed into NZ homes today the 2 panes of glass have been pre-assembled into an Insulating Glass Unit (IGU). Each IGU uses a spacer and sealing system around its perimeter to set the distance between the panes and prevent moist external air entering. A desiccant is used to remove any initial moisture in the space between the glass panes so that internal condensation cannot happen.

Obviously, not all IGUs are created equal. There are many different manufacturers of IGUs and many different spacer and sealing systems.  The spacer type, seals, space, insulating medium, glass selection, IGU manufacturing QC and installation expertise all influence the effectiveness and longevity of an IGU. We are here to help....

How can I control the climate in my home?

Heat is transferred between the inside and outside of your home in 3 ways – convection, conduction and radiation. Controlling the climate of your home means controlling these 3 factors. If we are thinking about staying warmer in winter….

1. Convected heat loss happens when warm air currents escape through gaps and colder air enters the house. Most often this happens around opening windows and doors and can most often be controlled by installing more effective hardware and draught sealing systems.

2. Thermal Conduction is the movement of heat through materials – heat conducts through glass easily so is lost quickly through single pane windows. Conduction is controlled by insulation. The more effective the insulation, the better the control. The size of the space between the panes, the spacer material and the insulating medium in the space all influence the insulation performance of an IGU.

3. One primary benefit we enjoy from having windows is allowing light into our homes. This happens because glass is transparent to radiation that lies in the visible part of the spectrum. We are less aware that glass is also transparent to longer wavelength infrared radiation because it is not visible to us. However, a significant part of the energy which comes from the sun arrives as infrared radiation and it is also true that a significant part of the energy which is emitted from our homes is infrared radiation which passes out through the glass. Low emissivity (Low E) glasses have been developed which possess a coating that acts as a mirror to infrared radiation. Low E glasses control radiant energy loss by causing infrared radiation to be reflected back into your home. Eversure SureTemp LE© utilises high performance Low E glass with outstanding clarity and visible light transmission.

In the summer, radiant heat passing into the home through windows and doors can make homes oppressively hot. Often energy-intensive solutions such as air conditioning may be needed to maintain reasonable comfort. In this situation it can be highly beneficial to have less energy entering the house through the windows and this can be achieved either by reducing the visible radiation (using tinted glass) or by reducing the infrared radiation (using Low E glass).

Eversure SureTemp LE© reflects a proportion of this infrared energy which would otherwise enter the house thereby improving the experience in summer. However, infrared energy emitted by the sun occurs over a much wider wavelength band than that which is emitted by the room temperature surfaces inside your home. Accordingly, Eversure SureTemp LE Plus© includes Low E glass which has been specifically tuned to reflect radiation over this wider band and provide stronger summer climate control.

Whatever your specific situation, we are here to help you achieve the best possible control over the climate in your home.

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